Our network
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With over 20 years of experience, our custom designed services support key players across the globe in a wide variety of service and industry sectors, including educational institutions and humanitarian NGOs.

We share our insights on change management, solution design and collaborative methodologies to help you better understand and navigate your organisational challenges. 

Our professional know-how and expertise is attributed to the MG Taylor methodology, The ValueWeb and
the ASE-Network (Accelerated Solutions Environment).

We stand on the shoulders of giants: Matt & Gail Taylor, R.Ackoff, D.Hock, C.Argyris, S.Beer, S.Kaufman,
S.Ghoshal, D.Kahneman, J.Haidt, and many more.

Our core team


Betty Dhamers


Benoit Pacaud


Arnaud Doucet


Andrea Guida

We are based in Europe (French, Italian and Belgian natives) and are happy to join you wherever you need us or
provide you with the right references, thanks to our global network of expert facilitators.
Our preferred US colleagues are InnovationLabs and The Difference.