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Increase Your Team’s Motivation Five-Fold

“In a famous experiment, researchers ran a lottery with a twist… This result reveals an inconvenient truth about human nature: When we choose for ourselves, we are far more committed to the outcome — by a factor of five to one.Conventional approaches to change

Not pretending to know the answers

“Around cabinet and boardroom tables across the world, there’s a familiar dynamic. Recommendations and data are shared, and, ultimately, decisions have to be made. Those around the table, …, did not get to these positions by saying ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I’m not sure’. Leadership

Complexity revisited

“The whole system of strategic choice, goal setting and choosing actions to reach the given goals in a controlled way depends on predictability. The problem is that this familiar foundation for management practice cannot explain the reality we face. Almost daily, we experience the inability

Wicked Problems: Treating Complex Projects as Simple Makes Them Chaotic

“The vast majority of current project, programme, and portfolio management processes focus on “simple” systems. We assume that we can follow a staged and deterministic process by defining requirements, investigating alternative solutions, evaluating solutions, and implementing them. The reality, however, is characterised by “wicked problems”—complex

People own what they (co)create

“In today’s rapidly-changing business climate, people at all levels of the organization are of necessity in decision-making roles, simply because it’s not possible for managers to anticipate all the possibilities that the people in their organizations might face. Hence, in order for work to get